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The book is a profiles of 87 Indian leaders of the modern age, most of whom no one has ever written about. A must book for every public library, Indian school library, tribal college library, college library, university library, and public school library. It features Roger Jourdain, Wendell Chino, Jim Thorpe, Billy Mills, Pat Locke, Lucy Covington, Jack Montgomery, and 80 others. read more……..
The National Indian Grant Directory $99.95 Stacey Jenkins,Author
Dean Chavers,Ph.D.,Editor
This one-of-a-kind directory sold out its first printing. “The National Indian Grant Directory” is a must have book for Indian grant seekers with over 540 sources of funds for Indians $99.95
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How To Write Winning Proposals $69.95Dean Chavers,Ph.D.,Author
Dean Chavers has written hundreds of proposals and has one of the most successful track records in the U.S., with over 85% of his government proposals funded.
Research in Indian Education $49.95 Dean Chavers, Ph.D.
Reports the results of 10 research projects on Indian education presented at the Second Research on Indian Education conference.
Deconstructing the Myths $24.95 Dean Chavers,Editor
Report of a meeting in April 2000 of Indian educators to develop a national research agenda for Indian education- the first time such a document has ever been developed.
Indian Students and College Preparation $10.00Dean Chavers,Ph.D.
1999-2000 research project looked at the preparation of Indian students for college study. The study found a drop out rate for Indian high school student of 50%……..
Indian Teachers and Indian Control $10.00 Dean Chavers,Ph.D.
1997-98 research study set out to determine how many new Indian teacher were being produced each year by the 500 colleges of teacher education in the U.S.
The Secret of No Face $18.95 Chief Everett Parker and Oledoska
This original Seneca legend came from the Cornplanter Reservation It was written by the last of the Pine Tree Chiefs, Everett Parker and his good friend the late Oledoska.
Exemplary Programs in Indian Education, $39.95 Fourth Edition Exemplary Programs in Indian Education are transforming Indian education from the worst outcomes in U.S. school to some of the best outcomes. The First Edition in 1993 had a description of 12 projects. The Second Edition in 1996 had a description of 16 projects. The Third Edition in 1999 had a description of 16 projects. The Fourth Edition in 2003 has a description of 25 projects.
Basics of Fund Raising $39.95 Dean Chavers,Ph.D.
Fund raising in the private sector is one of the most difficult but satisfying challenges facing Indian and minority organizations. This manual describes the nine fund raising sector. How to Plan, and carry out local campaigns. How to raise money from foundation. How to do direct mail fund raising. How to conduct corporate campaigns, and a lot more. The author is a full time fund raiser. Known as “Mr.Proposal Writer” in Indian country. He has a 85% success rate.