About Us

From 1986 to 2006 we have maintained a success rate of 83% graduation for our students. We have produced 637 graduates in that time. .

We also assist Indian schools to prepare students for success in high school and college. CTD seeks to address the deficiencies in Indian education with its scholarship and curriculum upgrading programs.

OUR SYMBOL. The outline that surrounds the image is a Dream Catcher. It signifies helping Native students to make their dreams come true. Located at the bottom center is a graduation cap and a rolled diploma which stands for the accomplishment of higher education.

The sun represents where Native Americans come from and who they are as individuals. The Indian basket signifies maintaining and learning more about the Native heritage, and diversifying by receiving an excellent education. The steps indicate the ladder of success. The feathers carry on the prayers of the Native individuals to succeed in life wherever the circle of life takes them. The artist is Philton Talahytewa, Hopi.