1. The Student Services Project (SSP) at the University of Alaska has had Native students performing better than the overall university student population on pre-calculus since 1992.

2. The Rural Alaska Honors Institute of the University of Alaska has sent over 60% of its alumni on to college for over 15 years and over 80% of them have finished college.

3. The American Indian Public Charter School in Oakland, California raised test scores from the 25th percentile to the 80th and raised its daily attendance rate from 72% to 99%.

4. Arizona State University has improved the freshman-to-sophomore retention rate of Indian students from the lowest on the campus to the highest in seven years.

5. Barona Tribal School has educated students to help the tribe. Unemployment has gone from 70% to zero. High school graduation has gone from 10% to 80%.

6. Box Elder Elementary School, Montana, has increased the academic outcomes for its students from the bottom quartile to above the national norms in the past six years.

7. The Dropout Prevention Project at Cass Lake Local Indian Education Committee, MN, has reduced the dropout rate from 60% to 10% and maintained the low rate for twelve years.

8. The MESBEC Scholarship Program of Catching the Dream has maintained a completion rate of over 83% for 21 years and has produced 552 Native American college graduates.

9. Chugach School District improved reading between 1994 and 2001 from the 28th percentile to the 71st, math from the 53rd to the 78th, and spelling scores from the 22nd to the 65th.

10. Fort McDowell Yavapai Indian Community improved attendance from 67% to 88%, reduced the dropout rate from 44% to 14%, and all juniors and seniors passed their classes.

11. The Galena City School District had 96% of its graduates pass the Alaska state competency test in 2006. The district has 86% Native students.

12. The COOL SCHOOL Project at Ganado Intermediate School raised student reading from a few books to over 130 books per student and improved test scores to above national norms.

13. The reading program at Ganado Primary School increased student reading levels from only a few books a year to an average of over 190 books per student per year.

14. Heritage University on the Yakama Indian Reservation had a completion rate of 71% in its Indian Teacher Education Program.

15. The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa School has a 95% graduation rate.

16. The Lapwai Elementary School has a Success for All reading program that has improved both reading levels and daily attendance rates to above national norms.

17. Test scores for the Indian students at Lincoln Elementary School in Caney, Kansas have improved from the 20th percentile to the 75th and higher in the past decade.

18. The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation improved daily attendance from 80% to 95%, increased college attendance from 20% to 70%, and raised college completion from 50% to 70%.

19. The GED Program of the Mississippi Choctaw Tribe has produced 600 high school graduates and has helped to transform the tribe into the largest employer in southeast Mississippi.

20. The Mississippi Choctaw Tribal Schools have produced hundreds of graduates that went on to college and earned degrees; it teaches all students in the Choctaw language.

21. Mount Edgecumbe High School, AK, has reduced the dropout rate to near zero, reduced staff turnover to near zero, and sends over 70% of its graduates on to college.

22. The Adult Education Program of the NAMES School, Denver CO has produced over 150 Indian graduates in twelve years and has sent many graduates on to college.

23. The College Preparatory Program of the Navajo Preparatory School, NM, has sent over 90% of its graduates on to college for twelve straight years.

24. Nebo School District has increased its graduation rate for Native students from 37% to 93% and raised its test scores from the bottom quartile to the top quartile in the past seven years.

25. The Hoop of Learning Program at Phoenix College has a 98% retention rate of students in the program and 30% are honor students at the college level prior to high school graduation.

26. The Phoenix Indian Center has improved promotion rates, academic performance, and daily attendance from below norms to levels exceeding national norms in the past five years.

27. Phoenix Union High School District increased its graduation rate from below 50% to over 70% in five years.

28. Rock Ledge Elementary School has 100% of its Indian students passing the state reading competency test, 80% gaining one or more years in reading, and 70% gaining one or more years of growth in math.

29. The college preparation program of St. Michael High School, AZ, has sent over 90% of its graduates on to college for over ten years.

30. The Indian Education Program of the Saint Paul Public Schools, MN, has decreased the dropout rate of Indian students from 56% in 1993 to a low of 11% in 2002.

31. The Indian Education Project of Salmon River Central Schools, NY, has reduced the dropout rate of its Indian students from 57% in 1972 to below 10% and has enrolled over 70% of its graduates in college each year for the past 16 years.

32. Southampton Alternative School on the Shinnecock Reservation, serving high-risk students, has maintained a 100% graduation rate for five straight years.

33. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Utah, has maintained a high enrollment rate for college students and has maintained a dropout rate of less than 10% for the past five years.

34. The GEAR UP program of the State of South Dakota has sent over 80% of its students on to college for over a decade.

35. Stevens Middle School, Washington increased the percentage of students passing reading from 21% to 68% in two years.

36. The Success for All Reading Program of the Umonhon Nation Public School, NE, has increased reading scores of its students from below the 10th percentile to above the 70th percentile for all grades.

37. Wellpinit High School, WA, has increased daily attendance from below 70% to over 90%, improved ITBS scores for all grades from below the twentieth percentile to the fortieth percentile, and reduced the dropout rate from 60% to near zero.

38. Wyoming Indian Elementary School went from zero students on grade in math in 2004 to 65% on grade in 2007.