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Founded in 1986, Catching the Dream strives to help improve the quality of life in Indian communities through the higher education of Indian people. We provide scholarship funds for students who demonstrate academic achievement, clearly defined goals, leadership, the determination to succeed, and the desire to return to their communities and help others realize their dreams. We assist Indian schools in preparing students for success in college.


Catching the Dream, makes grants to Native college students and works to improve Indian schools. Since 1986, CTD has made scholarship awards to 1,266 students and has produced 921 graduates.


Catching the Dream helps track and monitor your progress in searching for scholarships. Individuals can avoid incurring great debt to achieve a higher education.


CTD has programs to help Indian students prepare more thoroughly for college-level studies.

Catching the Dream Statistics

  •  Catching the Dream has three separate scholarship programs, the MESBEC, NALE, and TBM program.
  •  100% of the CTD students who have graduated with a degree in math, engineering, science, business, education or computers is working- over 85% of them for tribes or tribal organizations.
  • The range of CTD scholarships is from $500 to $5,000 per year, based on merit. Over 95% of students who applied have been awarded a scholarship.

CTD Staff

Here to help you achieve your scholastic goals
Dr. Dean Chavers

Dr. Dean Chavers

Joy Noll

Joy Noll

Student Services
April Campbell

April Campbell

Student Services
Maria Gonzales

Maria Gonzales

Student Services

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