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Racism In Indian Country

By Dr. Dean Chavers

Dr. Dean Chavers is Director of Catching the Dream, formerly known as Native American Scholarship Fund. He holds a doctorate and two Master’s degrees from Stanford University. He is a former college professor and college president and the leader of the Exemplary Programs in Indian Education (EPIE) movement.

In the face of huge challenges, despite crushing social conditions, Indian people have survived. Racism in Indian Country exposes, for the first time, the degrading and inhuman treatment Indian people have had – and continue – to endure. This book provides numerous examples including the sterilization of thousands of Indian women without their consent, and the poor treatment Indians receive in our schools, resulting in the worst academic records – and the highest dropout rate, 50 percent – of any ethnic group. Subjected to constant harassment by anti-Indian groups, and banks and other lending institutions that either raise interest rates on loans to Indians or redline their reservations, Indians receive some of the most racist treatment in the United States. This book’s thorough documentation and explication of the challenges faced by Indians historically and today will be useful in courses in modern history, ethnic studies, sociology, and anthropology.

“Racism in Indian Countryâ€is long overdue. Dean Chavers presents a picture of racism, exposing the heart of Indian Country. Native Americans do not have constitutional protections to this day. This is a necessary history for the healing and recovery of Indian people. We need to break the cycle of slow death and start living again.
Dr. LaNada Boyer Warjack,
Bannock Nation,
Fort Hall, Idah
This book is a must read for those who have an interest in American Indian people and the trials and tribulations they have encountered during the past 400 years.
Dr. Ben Chavis,
Principal Emeritus,
American Indian Public Charter School